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Backup. Backing up your data becomes a remarkably easy process once you get all your data into one folder. The Organization within that folder does not matter, it cam be organized by client, by month, by day, whatever works for you. This takes some doing but once completed you can then backup your data by merely dragging the contents of that folder onto a source of backup media.
Mac Services

From the old SCSI chains to the new USB drives, AppleĀ® computers have always offered plug-n-play convenience and reliable performance. But you may want more memory or need to replace an aging hard drive. We can:

  • Service your out-of-warranty Mac
  • Replace hard drives, video cards or other components
  • Upgrade memory
  • Install or upgrade software
  • Reinstall the operating system
  • Configure all-Mac or Mac/PC networks
  • Protect against viruses

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